Where would I find eco-friendly products at lower prices than at stores where I normally shop for my home's goods?

Asked by keeana
Hatboro, PA Home Depot?


Just recently, the Green Products Innovation Institute, GPII, opened its doors in San Francisco. You can browse for Cradle-to-Cradle certified products in their growing online library.

Another great resource for eco-friendly materials is the Biomimicry Institute. Even though some of their products are still in the development phase and not available yet, their research and development of nature-inspired materials is truly amazing.

The most cost- and time-effective way to search for the right eco-friendly things for your home is to hire an experienced professional such as a LEED for Homes accredited architect. explains nicely why it can save you money to hire an architect.

You can find a LEED AP close to you at the GBCI webpage.

A less stringent program is Build It Green. Find certified green professionals in their directory to show you how to save money and the environment.

And of course you can also find a green architect right here at GreenHomeGuide.

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