Where is a water circulating system return line (not the cold line) plumbed into the water system?

Asked by Bill
Santa Cruz, CA

During a remodel which included addition of a bathroom with sinks and shower, a dedicated return Pex line was installed to support a future hot water recirculating capability. today, it is stubbed out at the water heater. Assuming a small Watts timer-activated circulating pump on the hot water outlet of the water heater, where is the return Pex line to be plumbed? Using the drain valve of the heater?


Sean Lintow Sr

Answered by Sean Lintow Sr

Naperville, IL

SLS Construction & Building Solutions

April 1, 2013

There are a few ways that they typically tie back into the system with the most popular being the cold water supply line. Some water heaters have a dedicated port while others do use the drain valve.

Now as for your "timer" set-up, may I recommend you spend a few extra dollars and install a RF "on-demand" system. Instead of wasting the electricity circulating the water around when there is no call for it, you simply press a button as you get ready for your shower, getting ready to do dishes, etc. When you are ready, the hot water will be there.

This will also help reduce your cooling loads as you are not constantly losing that heat from the lines.


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