Where can I learn about wastewater (black water from commodes) + showers, sinks, etc. reuse as carriage water for commodes and for lawns?

Asked by Frank Aguirre
San Antonio, TX

I am a septic system designer in Texas and want to promote TOTAL wastewater reuse in lieu of current septic systems that return treated wastewater to the environment (underground or sprayed in air by aerobic treatment units). Want usage for commode carriage water and the rest for underground drip systems that irrigate lawns. Frank Aguirre, [email protected] cell 210.275.7866


Listed Green

Answered by Listed Green

Henderson, NV

May 19, 2014

Frank, Unfortunately, black water needs to be addressed totally differently than grey water as you know and the breakdown process of the septic tank does this. However, I would think no municipality code would promote capture of the water as it leaves that septic tank and for good reason. That being said, we suggest the homeowners utilizing a grey water system and rain catchment system to introduce water back to the lawn and gardens.

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