Where can I find out how much pollution will be reduced by being more energy efficient?

Asked by Duane
College Park, MD

Is there somewhere I can look that will show me how much less pollution will be emitted by using energy-efficient appliances, better insulation, better windows, etc.?


When quantifying reduction for your home's carbon emission you must have a baseline to compare the results of the energy efficient upgrades. As an energy auditor, we provide diagnostic testing of the shell of the home as well as the mechanical systems, lighting and existing appliances.

By collecting your 12-month utility history, we can determine how much is used for heating and cooling and how much is used for baseload (appliances, entertainment, computer, water-heating, etc.). This process allows the homeowner to have the information to decide which upgrades are cost effective based on the existing condition.

There are software programs that can generate a report to see how much the upgrades will save you in dollar savings, the ROI and the carbon emissions reduction.

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