What's the best low-VOC flooring for stairs?

I'd prefer carpet because I have a toddler who, like all kids, falls. I also have a dog, so it needs to be durable.


In your case I would recommend a more durable flooring surface such as rubber flooring or oiled hardwood for your stairs.

It is much easier to clean and maintain than carpet which would offer not much protection for a toddler falling down a staircase.

If you still settle for carpet

  • Visit the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) for very valuable information on how to choose the right carpet for your home, especially their Green Label offers a nice tool for residential customers to compare products.
  • We like to recommend FLOR carpet, which comes in a great color selection, is very durable and made for high-traffic areas such as your stairs.
  • FLOR carpet is a very affordable solution to achieve a clean and modern look.


For more information:

Read William Janhonen's Q&A "I want low VOC carpet to replace my old carpeting. What are the best -- and least toxic -- conventional choices?"

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