What type of contractor do I call to insulate my home? and how do I find out the energy effientcy of my home?

Asked by Twanna
Washington, DC

My 90 y/o home was renovated 7 years ago before I bought it. I know that the entire back wall where the plumbing runs has no insulation. the water pipes freeze every winter. A handyman pulled some of the siding off to check the insulation and there wasn't any. Tubing and wiring were swinging in the wind.


Jason Kliwinski

Answered by Jason Kliwinski

Lambertville, NJ

The Green Living and Building Center

July 7, 2014

The first thing I would suggest is an energy audit from a qualified home auditor. Look for BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified energy audit consultant and contractor to do the repairs. Insulating your walls, air sealing around windows, doors, and outlets, and sealing you attic properly can go a long way to reducing your energy costs and increasing comfort by eliminating temperature swings, humidity issues, and heat loss.

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