What type of company should I contact to fix my leaking dirt and grass roof? It's leaked a few times when there is wet heavy spring snow.

Asked by Mike W.
Littleton, CO

My roof is dirt and grass. I has leaked a few times when there is wet heavy spring snow. We also have a very high humidity level for Colorado, usual around 60% even when its only 30% outside and our windows are open. I do not know what type of company to look at for help. We did talk to one landscaper that would be able to remove and replace the liners and dirt, but was unable to offer and ideas about improving the air in the house. The house was built around 1984 and is in the foothills of Denver, CO near Littleton.


Richard Heller

Answered by Richard Heller

New Rochelle, NY

Greener by Design

January 16, 2012

You have a leak in your waterproofing.

Any house that is "greenroofed" or has a living roof on the upper surface usually has a waterproof membrane between the structure and the live roof.

  • For that matter it usually has several layers of root barrier, and drainage board between the waterproofing and the soil.
  • Visit this U.S. EPA website to learn more about the layers and components of a live roof.

Your landscaper usually can help with everything BUT the waterproofing. This usually needs to be taken care of by a roofer.

  • Given when your house was constructed it is highly unlikely that the waterproofing is still under warranty so I would call on a local roofer with green roof experience for help with this.
  • If you're a do it yourself kind of guy, I'd recommend contacting Soprema  or Henry roofing manufacturers for materials that work with a greenroof.


For more information:

Read "What type of waterproofing system is used under these green roofs, and what is the expected lifespan of the actual roofing material?" a Q&A answered by Polly Osborne.

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