What should I get to cover my 1/2 French door facing the afternoon sun? It appears to be a double-pane (not sure) vinyl-clad door.

Asked by Lynnette Jenks
Honolulu, HI

Not sure if single- or double-paned, vinyl-clad door. I want to place tint but don't know where to purchase & what type should I get.


Michael Johnson

Answered by Michael Johnson

Port Orchard, WA

NeuNRG Building Performance

April 29, 2014

Living for a spell on Oahu, I know how that afternoon sun can cook a room. I found that an inexpensive roman blind affixed to the overhang OUTSIDE the window, or in your case glass French doors, worked better at stopping the suns rays before they even hit the glass. Window tinting was tried first but made the glass very hot, darkened the room and the glass radiated a lot of heat into the room. Aloha.

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