What should I do about the OSB and plywood used under our toddler bed mattresses?

Asked by Karen
Missoula, MT

Hello Our kids have character toddler beds and the mattress requires something to hold up the mattress. One of the beds has a piece of plywood and the other has OSB board. We recently learned about the chemicals that can be released from these types of boards and are concerned. Can you let us know if this is a potential hazard? Thank you!


Answered by Erik Henry

Brownsburg, IN

ELH Construction LLC

February 2, 2012

Any material that has glue to hold it together in going to have some off gassing. As to what type of glues were used on those products I could not tell you without more detail.

It has been suggested that off gassing from glue solvents does have harmful effects on people.

For your own peace of mind I would suggest 1x4 or 1x6 planks for the mattress support.


For more information:

Read "I'm concerned about toxic offgassing from OSB subflooring and roofing. Are safer products available?" a Q&A answered by Ian MacLeod.

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