What's the greenest oven-cleaning option: pyrolytic or catalytic self-cleaning?

Asked by Dan McMinn
Saint Helena, CA

My wife and I live in Europe and bought an apartment that we are remodeling. We are installing an oven and trying to distinguish relevant from irrelevant features. I know catalytic ovens require replacement after every 25 cleanings or so. But I don't know if any of the coatings are dirty like, say, Teflon. And I can find no independent study information for Bosch EcoClean. Is it really eco? All I know is it *sounds* good but is priced as if it were less effective than pyrolytic or catalytic.


Answered by Liberty Phoenix Lord

Gainesville, FL


March 8, 2011

Dan, we have found Earth Friendly Products to have the most effective, affordable and nontoxic options out there.

Earth Friendly's Creamy Cleanser would be great for your needs.

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