What's the best method for radon remediation in a 3 year old new construction home?

Asked by Grace Mars
Greenville, NY

The house is in upstate New York, there is plumbing for radiant heating under concrete flooring in a partially below grade basement and under wooden floors on the main floor. Foam insulated is used throughout the house, with concrete board for siding. Total square footage for both stories is about 3400sq ft. the sre is very rocky and mountainous.


Danny Kelly

Answered by Danny Kelly

Charlotte, NC

Kelly McArdle Construction

November 2, 2011

The best solution is to install a perforated pipe below the slab or the soil in the crawl space. Run this vent out your roof and install an exhaust fan to depressurize under your slab.

Is your house 100% basement or is there some crawl space area? If there is some crawlspace, it should be fairly simple to retrofit this system.

Adding an exhaust fan in your crawl space could help as well.

  • Since you have an all foam insulated house (very tight construction) it is very important to have fresh air ventilation through an HRV or something similar.
  • Although dilution is not the best solution for radon it can be extremely helpful for low quantities.


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