What's the best heating/air solution for my basement remodel space?

Asked by Stephanie
Bracey, VA

The house is located on Lake Gaston in Va so a heating and air unit will be a must. It's 2500 sq ft with a Superior Wall foundation construction. The upper 2 floors utilize a gas/heat pump. The area will be sectioned into thirds, a workroom, a master suite, and open area family room/kitchen/bath.


Look into installing a mini (single or multiple) split system such as manufactured by Sanyo.

  • This type of system comes in wall mounted and conceal configurations and does not require the installation of duct work.
  • Mini split systems allow rooms to be zoned easily and only requires flexable pipe to be installed.
  • For a basement this could be a huge advantage and allow for higher finished ceilings.


For more information:

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