What paints are green? And affordable?

Asked by Patricia Goldschmidt
Chicago, IL

I'm planning on painting my apartment. It is a 4-bedroom with a porch and hallway. I want nontoxic paint for the walls and woodwork and for the kitchen and bath.


Over the years, there has been much advancement in the development of low-VOC and no-VOC paints. Most of the name-brand companies carry a line of paints that fits into one of these categories.

Here are a few of the manufacturers and specifications you should look for in choosing a low or no-VOC paint.

Acceptable manufacturers:

  • ICI Dulux Paint Centers (ICI Dulux Paints)
  • Benjamin Moore & Co.
  • PPG Industries, Inc. (Pittsburgh Paints)
  • Sherwin-Williams Company  

Limits to VOC content:

  • Flat paints & coatings: 50 g/L
  • Non-flat paints & coatings: 150 g/L
  • Anti-corrosive coatings: 250 g/L
  • Varnishes & sanding sealers: 350 g/L
  • Stains: 250 g/L 

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