What non-asphalt-based window flashing tapes are readily available?

Asked by R F Gregory
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm attempting to remodel in as green a manner as possible with new SIP walls and Serious windows. Typar, Protectowrap, and Dupont make tape without asphalt, but Salt Lake City stores seem to carry only BT25XL, Tite-Seal, and Vycor (all with asphalt).



Over the past four years, I have moved away from specifying typical flashing tapes for installation at windows, doors, and penetrations.

Recently I have specified on numerous projects the BEI Wet-Flash system.

  • This is a liquid-applied flashing system that, in my opinion, outperforms the typical and more common flashing systems.
  • Since this is a liquid-applied flashing system, it eliminates all seams and overlaps, which are the source of most leaks around window openings.

Per the manufacturer literature, the product is 99% solids; it is described as a single-component, elastomeric, liquid-applied coating/sealant, exhibiting the combined benefits of silicone and urethane.


For more information:

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