What is the biggest no-brainer thing to do to make my home green?

Asked by Frederick Mercury
Phoenix, AZ

I have a tract home built in 1997 and I was wondering what the biggest ROI is. I understand the importance of an energy audit, but I want to do something myself this weekend and see an impact. Every journey starts with a small step and I want to take that step.


Kevin Holdridge

Answered by Kevin Holdridge

Charlotte, NC

KDH Residential Design, LLC

March 2, 2011

Generally the best first step for a DIY project is to start sealing up the holes in your house.

Check all your exterior penetrations and use a can of spray foam to seal up any holes.

Then check your garage-to-house attic connection.

  • If you can clearly see from your garage attic to your house attic, then you need to run a sheet of drywall or plywood on that wall all the way to the roof deck and insulate that wall on the house-attic side, and then drywall that cavity.
  • Remember to caulk the top and bottom of the drywall to complete the seal.

Filling and sealing all of your existing holes should be the first thing when trying to green up your house.


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