What is the best way to search for Green Homes for sale?

Asked by Ann Wilson
Las Vegas, NV

I have looked on Zillow, Trulia, Sawbuck etc. but I have not found a good way to narrow my search.


Grace Chiquette

Answered by Grace Chiquette

Newman Lake, WA

Grace Chiquette

March 15, 2012

The best ways to search out ~ green homes for sale ~ is to determine what features matter most to you in a home. For example:

  • on-demand water system, 
  • Radiant Heat Floors,
  • Southern Exposure,
  • Solar Panels, etc.

Another way is to look for certified homes. For Example:

  • Energy Star Certified Homes,
  • LEED Certified Homes, etc.

In summary, the best way to head down the road to find your new GREEN Home is with a detailed Feature search and Third-Party Certified Homes search.

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Enjoy living Green

~ Grace

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