What is the best way to keep rain barrel water from smelling, and prevent mosquitos from dwelling in it?

Asked by Kay
Granbury, TX

This is rain water caught on the roof and transferred through gutters ( which may be leafy ) to the rain barrel. I put baking soda in it but still smelled. Mosquitos were hanging around and inside trying to get out the material on top. Presently it is empty in the back yard sunning. What is the best way to clean it, keep it from smelling, and preventing mosquitos from dwelling there?


The best way to keep clean is though prevention.

Install a "First Flush" diverter before water discharges into the tank. This will allow the first few minutes of water to flow past the tank and allow any debris to be washed away first.

Also try to have the tank out of sun light to eliminate the growth of algae, mold and scum. A black tank will work also.

To eliminate the growth of mosquitos the tank should be sealed to prevent bugs or organisms from laying eggs.


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