What is the best way to heat a house without central heat?

Asked by Elizabeth
Abilene, TX

We have a Dearborn gas heater that won't light so we've used 2-3 space heaters for the last two winters. We have a small 750 sq ft house. How is this affecting our electricity bills? Should we replace or repair our Dearborn?


Elizabeth, Best solution for a home which do not have a central heating and is to install a mini split system. Mini splits use an air to air heat pump installed on the exterior of the home. Copper refrigerant line are run from the unit on the exterior of the home to either a single or multiple wall mounted coil/blower units on the interior of the home. The exterior units are extremely quite and efficient. They install relatively easily with minimal selective demolition. Carrier, Sanyo, Diakin are just a few of the manufactures of these types of systems.

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