What is the best way to fix the hollow sound that comes from walking on pre-engineered floors?

Asked by Leslie Cedar
Pompano Beach, FL

I would like pre-engineered floors in my Florida apartment but was told not to do so because of the hollow sound that occurs when walking on them. The sub-floor is concrete. Is there a special underlayment to correct this or some other solution?


Unfortunately, since pre-engineer floors are typically floating, you cannot eleminate that hollow sound. However, there are a few pre-engineered floors which are allowed to be directly glues to the concrete slab. This will give you a solid surface and eleminate the hollow sound. Be for venturing down this path you first should check for moisture in the floor. To do so, simply tape a 12" x12" piece of plastic wrap to the floor with duct tape. If moisture droplets form over a period of 24-48 hours, you do not have the proper moisture barrier and moist manufactures will not warrenty their product if installed.

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