What is the best product to use on a garage floor to seal against harsh winter road salt?

Asked by Michele
Washington, DC

We live in Ottawa, Canada. My husband wants to put that heavy epoxy paint so the concrete quits getting eaten away.


Answered by Glenn Summers

Indian Harbour Beach , FL

ConselcoR, Inc

September 27, 2010

Epoxy coatings are frequently used as concrete floor coverings. Care should be taken in the selection as there are many different varieties available. Consider the VOC content and the application process in your choice. Properly applied, such a covering will provide surface protection.

The problems associated with sealing a garage floor may be a challenge. Typically, contractors pay very little attention to a garage floor; after all, it's a garage!

  • Many times as a cost savings there is no vapor barrier placed under the concrete, and often the slab is not as thick as the rest of the house.
  • Moisture traveling from the ground up through a slab will collect under any coating and cause problems.
  • The amount of moisture and vapor emissions will vary considerably depending on a number of conditions, but suffice to say any coating (even a terribly expensive epoxy) will not look good or last if it has bubbles under it.

Waterproofing a concrete floor before any coatings or flooring materials are installed is a must. Be aware that all concrete sealers are not the same and choose the one that will work. I manufacture a product called StableCrete that is ideal for protection of all concretes. It is a liquid about the viscosity of water that can be spray, brush or roller applied.

Extending the service life of a concrete makes it greener by design.

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