What is the best plants for a house to help the air quailty?

Asked by Catherine Oliphant
Los Angeles, CA

We just moved from the high desert where all of us suffered from allergies. Here in Los Angles none of our family are using inhalators. What kind of plants should I use in our apt which is very small 1,200 sq ft to help clean the air. Should i run the air filter 24/7? We also just got two Toy Puppies that will not grove over five pounds. We have eight year old twins so we need something that will help ourair inside the home. Thank Ypu. Catherine Oliphant


Answered by Grania Murray

Santa Monica, CA

Grania Murray

November 13, 2013

Kentia Palms work well. One would be just fine. They are tall and slim and as a bonus look beautiful too

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