What is the best green insulation to use in our crawl space?

Asked by L. Stephenson
Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

We have a drafty crawlspace (comes up through the floor boards) in our 50 year old home. What can we use to keep out the drafts and the bugs and allow for access to vents and pipes if needed?


Bill Bradbury

Answered by Bill Bradbury

Smithfield, UT

Envirocon Home Restoration

January 31, 2012

Use 10 mm polyethylene sheeting on the floor and then closed cell spray foam directly on the walls.

  • This makes the crawl space part of the insulated envelope.
  • Check for more specifics.

For more information:

Read "We have an unheated crawlspace under our house that we would like to insulate." a Q&A answered by Florian Speier.

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