What is the best click wood floor for people with chemical sensitivities? Is there any product with no VOC's vs low VOC's?

Asked by ceil critchley
Minneapolis, MN

The wood would be put onto a concrete floor. So, I would need to know about underlayments, also.


Elizabeth DiSalvo

Answered by Elizabeth DiSalvo

Ridgefield , CT

Trillium Architects

December 7, 2011

We love wood flooring in our office and our last 2 houses are for people with chemical sensitivities. Our favorite products come from Teragren (Bamboo) and Eco Timber (various woods). Both offer low or no-voc options. We also like to put an insulated pad under-layment down on top of the concrete. This pad does a few things: 1. It provides a layer of 'insulation' to keep the floor a bit warmer. 2. It helps keep dampness that may be in the slab away from the wood or laminate wood floor 3. It cushions the floor a bit to make standing around a bit more pleasant. A good option for this under-layment is a product called 'Solid Sound'. There are many others. Also- if you do take a route where you need to finish, clean or protect your floors on site we highly recommend the Bona line of wood floor treatments. Best of luck! Elizabeth DiSalvo

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