What is the best and safest way to paint steel kitchen cabinets from the 1970s?

Asked by Sonya Rosadio
Saint Paul, MN

We are updating my childhood ranch home. And I have not seen this kind of question addressed. The cabinets are in excellent consideration.



I would recommend removal of the cabinets from the home for finishing. This will eliminate harmful fumes inside the home.

Look into a local collision shop to do the refinishing of the cabinets. Most automotive collision shops use water born paint which is applied in a controlled atmosphere and then baked on. This is a very durable finish and will withstand many years of use.

Another option would be to have the cabinets powder coated creating a durable shell.

Either way preparation of the surface is a very important step. All grease, dirt and loose finish must be removed. I would recommend having the cabinets media blasted to remove any dirt/debris. This can be done with glass beads, walnut shells, rock salt, and even ice chips.

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