what is the affect of radiant heat on solid bamboo floors?

Asked by Gerald Hammond
Buffalo Grove, IL

We have installed solid bamboo flooring in our Condo, which is over 10 years old and has radiant heat in the concrete. The floor was installed using the floating method over concrete using a fiber shield over the concrete. The floor has contracted almost 1/2" around the edges of the room, along with two planks in the center of the room separating in the center of the room. We live in the Chicago area and do not and cannot install a humidifier on our furnace, We have been told that the way the installation was made, the radiant heat may have caused the shrinkage? I this true?


Listed Green

Answered by Listed Green

Henderson, NV

April 23, 2014

Very true. Heat without humidity for wood is a bad combination. Not sure what your solution is, now the wood has shrunk down in size. Maybe consider solid concrete floors (polished and stained) with area rugs, so you can continue having those great radiant heated floors and reuse the bamboo in furniture and new cabinets? Good luck.

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