What is an alternative to pressure-treated wood framing for a deck?

Asked by Barbara Donahue
Sandy Hook, CT

I want to put a front porch on my home (north side). I spoke with the contractor and we agreed ipe would be really nice, but he said it would cost a fortune to frame it. He suggested pressure-treated wood, and I reminded him I'm not a fan of it. What alternatives would you suggest?


Answered by Robert Hartford

Hillsborough, NC

Silverwood Design

April 17, 2011

I have used "Tigerwood" to surface decks and porches with great results.

  • Please investigate the product to be sure you are happy with its origin.
  • Frame the deck in pressure treated (PT) to keep cost down.

Alternatively, an all-time winner is white oak fastened with stainless screws.

For more information:

Read Marian Keeler's "What are the best green alternatives to wood for decking?"

Also, Cynthia Phakos's "Wood deck or synthetic lumber? Is PVC a definite no-no?" lists alternatives to pressure-treated wood for decking.

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