What can we do about drainage problems? We're getting more water into the basement since replacing backyard sidewalks.

Asked by Bonnie Franz
Ogdensburg, NY

Initially, our old house (1880's) had French drains. When they deteriorated, we had a contractor come to also replace the backyard sidewalks. Instead of putting in new French drains, he poured the concrete on a slope away from the house--which was to solve the problem. On the driveway side of the house, he scooped the dirt to make a small bowl-like that was to channel the water into the backyard. Unfortunately, we now get more water into the basement. What to do next that will solve the problem and hopefully not be out-of-reach financially?



The reason for more water in the basement is because of the large concrete surface installed outside of the home. The water is not longer allowed to perk into the soil evenly but is now concentrated in one location.

To handle the site issues I would have to look at the existing topography and to see the natural flow of water.

As for the ground water entering into the basement, the only solution would be to install perforated drain pipe with a geotextile cloth sleeve at the outside perimeter of the home and along the inside of the basement walls below the floor, both interconnected. These drains would need to be connected to a sump in the basement which would pump the water up and out.

I would recommend contacting a Civil engineer or Licensed Landscape Architect to assess the topography and site conditions. I would not recommend going to the expense of installing the drainage system until proper site drainage is established on the exterior of your home.


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