What can be used to sound deaden stainless steel countertops?

Asked by Mary Ellen
Pittsburgh, PA

I am considering installation of stainless steep kitchen countertops, but I am concerned about sound absorption.


You can deaden the sound produced when an object is placed on the stainless steel counter top by installing it over a layer of homasote or plywood.

Sound absorption is directly correlated to the density of the material. Any solid surface, stone or laminate counter top comparatively will not absorb any more or less sound then that of stainless steel.

Acoustically speaking, sound is absorbed in material which has voids in it such as ceiling tiles, insulation and fibrous material.

  • As sound enters these materials it creates vibrations in the fibers which dissipates and absorbs the sound.
  • With materials such as stainless steel and other hard surfaces the sound is reflected vs. absorbed.

However, the question could be asked, where did the sound go? It actually turns into heat energy. As the fibers vibrate and rub against each other they create friction and heat – thus eliminating the sound.

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