What can be done to reduce dust emitted from a crawlspace-mounted central furnace?

Asked by Nelson
Conley, GA

The person experiences discomfort from dust emitted through wall registers. The use of a high-efficiency Space-Gard type furnace filter does not seem to help.



I would recommend that you have a smoke test performed on the unit and ductwork. This test will:

  • pinpoint all leakage areas in the ducts and
  • allow you or your contractor to seal them properly, thus
  • stopping dust from being sucked into the ducts located in the crawlspace.

Also, have all of the ductwork cleaned thoroughly.

I also recommend having an electronic air cleaner with washable pre and post filters installed in place of the disposable filters.


For more information:

Read Randy Potter's Q&A "We get a lot of dust in our house. Where could the dust be coming from?"

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