We want to remove the asbestos siding on our home and replace it with energy-efficient concrete siding. Is this possible?

Asked by Elaine Kalson
Morrisville, PA

Is it possible to use concrete siding on existing homes or is it only available for new construction? What are the various forms of concrete siding that might be available to us?


Martin Grohman

Answered by Martin Grohman

Biddeford, ME

GAF Materials Corp

June 17, 2011

Various forms of fiber cement siding, such as plank, shake/shingle (e.g., GAF’s WeatherSide), or even decorative-shape fiber cement siding can be utilized in remodels as well as new construction applications.

All the previously mentioned fiber cement varieties offer

  • low maintenance,
  • energy efficiency,
  • resistance to termite infiltration and
  • extreme fire resistance.

Obviously, when replacing existing asbestos siding with any new product, proper precautions must be taken to ensure the asbestos siding is handled and disposed of properly.

We state in our own literature that the consumer should consult their local department of environmental protection for further guidelines.


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