We recently moved into a home that we just found out the previous owners were heavy smokers. What are the risks for my children & I? What ca

Asked by Michele
Hinckley, OH

I'm worried about our air ducks having residue in them that maybe harmful to our health. We recently had them cleaned, however i feel that they are still dirty. I've changed the furnace air filters with the allergen filters. We also looked at our smoke detectors in the home & the insides of them were brown with tobacco residue! What else can I do to get the tobacco residue out of my home? & is this harmful to our health?


Listed Green

Answered by Listed Green

Henderson, NV

May 6, 2014

That brown stain on the walls and other items is quite nasty looking. But not harmful to breathe. The best methods are to do what you already started. Replace those nasty brown items and then repaint those walls. Be sure and use No-Voc paint. This way, there are no chemical gasses released into the home or environment. Happy painting.

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