We need to replace the aluminum gutters on our home. Any green home gutter and downspout ideas?

Asked by Ruby Smith
Herndon, VA

Our gutters are the color of the aluminum siding. We have a two-level roof, built at different angles, and the gutters have a hard time handling all the rainwater. We also have oak trees along the back of the house, so leaves and seed tags blow into the gutters. Any green home gutter and downspout ideas?


Randy Potter

Answered by Randy Potter

Alameda, CA

June 6, 2010

First off, if budget and aesthetics allow, it is always nice to use copper gutters. Aluminum, the most popular gutter material, has a realistic life expectancy in the climate that you are in of 10 years. Copper, on the other hand, will last for the life of the home.

The greenest choice for us is always the one that does not need to be replaced!

As far as the leaf and seed problem, I recommend trying a gutter insert product called a Rain Tube. This product can handle 100" of rain per hour and keeps leaves and other debris from building up.


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