We need to replace our oil-fired boiler. We have no existing central air. Should we just replace the boiler or install some type of HVAC sys

Asked by Barry Nemett
Stevenson, MD

residential home with existing hot water baseboard heat in Maryland. No existing duct system currently


Jason Kliwinski

Answered by Jason Kliwinski

Lambertville, NJ

The Green Living and Building Center

November 28, 2011

I would recommend a super efficient mini-split from American Mini Splits.

  • It can also be solar powered if you have exposure for the panels somewhere onsite.
  • The mini-split is a ductless heat pump system that provides both heating and cooling.

I don't know the size of your house but they have units that can cover 500 to 1500sf or more. We had a lot of flood damage here in Lambertville NJ from floods and one client with an oil heater in the basement and hot water piping decided to switch to this. No equipment in the basement anymore. There are a number of manufacturers that make heat pump systems as well.

Another option to consider could be geothermal. It really depends on your priorities.


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