We moved into an apartment with new carpet that is off gassing. Is there any way to expidite or stop it?

Asked by Shawn Brown
Scottsdale, AZ

The rest of the apartment is wood flooring.


Answered by First Last

Chico, CA

Hyland Fisher - Architect

January 29, 2014

You can't stop it from offgassing, but you can speed it up temporarily and thereby reducing how much you have to live with. Bake out (sometimes referred to as flush out) is a way to remove indoor air pollutants quickly and is relatively simple and low tech. Turn your thermostat up to the mid 90's to increase the offgassing, bring fresh air in, and evacuate out the toxic air. Simply put, turn up the heat, open your windows and put as many window fans in as possible. Depending on how toxic the air you are breathing is I recommend doing this for a few days. Here is some information written for commercial construction: Review this article as well, it shows mixed results with bake out: If this does not solve your problem I am afraid your only option is to request management to replace the carpet. Good luck!

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