We just closed on a new construction home & i havent been able to stay there.I start wheezing, chest & stomach close & get dizzy & nauseous

Asked by khalidah
Irving, TX

What can we do to fix or help understand what is causing this? I am pretty sensitive to fumes and odors but jus tbeing there for 10 minutes i start geting real sick and i stay sick fo rmore than a day! help! we cut onions and placed them all around. brought the charcoal/carbon things and placed them. Replaced filters with hepa filters. placed coffeee grounds. Please help! How can we fix this an dhow long will it take ?


Listed Green

Answered by Listed Green

Henderson, NV

June 19, 2014

Sounds like symptoms of Off-gassing. Off-gassing is the evaporation of volatile chemicals in non-metallic materials at normal atmospheric pressure. This means that building materials will release chemicals into the air through evaporation. This evaporation can continue for years after the home is built, which means you may continue to breathe these chemicals as you work, sleep and relax in your home or office. However, there is one solution. The fastest way to off-gas something is with sunlight. It probably has something to do with the heat and the constant fresh air removing the evaporating chemicals. So open the home as much as possible and let the process begin.

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