We have two dogs that have turned our carpets into toilets. What is the best flooring to stand up to this abuse?

Asked by Lisa Merrill
Keller, TX

What will be easy to clean? We have heard hardwood may warp.


Polly Osborne, FAIA, LEED AP

Answered by Polly Osborne, FAIA, LEED AP

Los Angeles, CA

Polly Osborne Architects

October 29, 2012

First, get a good dog trainer or take a week off work to constantly watch the dogs to catch them in the act. (OK, I know this a building site, but you happen to have landed an architect responder who has a secret life as an amateur dog trainer.)

But even if your dogs are trained, realize heavy dog toe nails can also be murder on some hardwood, although no problem with pups under 40 pounds, usually.

  • Linoleum holds up very well and is very green. Check and
  • Porcelain tile is very non absorbent and economical, but if you have a raised floor, you want to be sure your structure is designed for the weight.

If the dogs are under a year wait awhile so all the trashing is done, the dogs settle down and you can go through this big expense without having to do it again if your new floor gets eaten by the wild savages.

Good luck.


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