We have read prefinished wood is safest because it has done it's offgassing. Are we wrong? Our son is crawling.

Asked by Zachary
Fernley, NV

My wife and I have been racking our brains and seemingly going in circled trying to choose safe flooring for out home with our son who is crawling. We ended up choosing a prefinished natural wood with a polyurethane finish. We chose this because from what we have read prefinished wood is safest because it has done it's offgassing. Are we wrong? Would we be safer choosing an unfinished wood and then having it finished in our home with a natural finish. What about things like Bella wood which are finished with aluminum oxide? We chose to avoid these because we were concerned about heavy metal toxicity with him bein on the floor so much. Now though I read somthing about the polyurethane scratching and him ingesting it?Is offgassing/voc emission bad with polyurethane?We only have about $4-$5 a foot to spend if we also have to pay for install.We are in Nevada and find that green choices are hard to find within our price. Webaldi need to install asap, our dogs have made a mess of t


Lee Hall

Answered by Lee Hall

Allen, TX

Sustainable Structures of Texas

March 28, 2012

Best source for your information is located at

  • Go to products and do an easy search.
  • If it's on that site - it's safe.

For more information:

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