We have concrete slab under are carpet bedrooms, is there a low voc product for foam under the engineered hardwood replacement?

Asked by Catherine D

I think we have decided on engineered hardwood flooring, we were told that we would have to place foam under the floors, I thought foam contained a high level of voc's. Is there an alternative to the foam or foam products with low voc's?


There's several spray foam products. Usually for wall and roof systems. There shouldn't be any problem using it in a floor application. Icynene and Demilec both have zero VOC products. If you're considering foam board products, there's also an array that are zero VOC. Just make sure they're also zero CFC as well. Many foam board products use CFCs to give the material its low density, high insulation properties. As you know CFCs are harmful to our ozone layer and should be avoided.

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