We have a silver maple tree that was planted over 10 years ago. It does not seem to be growing. Why?

Asked by darlene
Gaylord, MI

We're in the northern part of lower Michigan. All the other trees we planted that year are tall and strong. This one had a split bark the second year, and has looked weak ever since. It is in full sun. Just don't know what to give it.


Answered by Erik Henry

Brownsburg, IN

ELH Construction LLC

July 8, 2010

There could be any number of reasons the tree is not growing. Just a few ideas to help you look for a problem:

  • If it had a tree ball with rope tied around the trunk that was never cut free, that could be choking the trunk.
  • If there is no tree ring when you trim the grass at the trunk, you may be damaging the new growth every year by destroying the xylem that feeds the tree water and nutrients.
  • Bad soil conditions could also affect the growth of the tree. Proper water drainage sometimes can be as important as giving the tree water.
  • Finally, the tree could be affected by some sort of disease or parasite.

I recommend having a local landscaper make a free assessment of your problem.

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