We have a concrete slab home. Can you run radiant electric or hydro heating systems under hardwood floors on a concrete slab?

Asked by laura wagschal
Davenport, IA

We would like to put down hardwood floors in a concrete slab home. Can you run radieant electric or hydor heating system under hardwood floors on concrete?


Yes, you can. Height restriction will dictate what type of radiant system you utilize. Below are a few types. 1. Radiant heat tubing in gypcrete. this will add 1.5" of additional height to the existing slab prior to installation of the hardwood flooring. 2. Radiant heat tubing in WARMboard. This system utilizes a 1" subfloor with press fit aluminum heat shield. Both systems are acceptable methods of installation. Prior to either of the systems installed, you will need to check to see if there is a vapor barrier installed beneath the existing slab. If moisture is present and no vapor barrier is installed the new hardwood floor will swell and buckle. Be careful when choosing an engineered hardwood floor. some manufactures do not warranty their product in installed over radiant flooring.

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