We had bamboo flooring (strand woven) installed in our home 16 months ago. The floor planks in one room are blistering.

Asked by V sharpe
Jacksonville, FL

The substance is coming up in the wood not the seams. We have had plumber who states we have no water leaks. Could this substance be from the bamboo not properly cured? We purchased flooring from Lumber Liquidators and curious if anyone who purchased this flooring has had problems.


Scott Grieves, CPM, CEA

Answered by Scott Grieves, CPM, CEA

Kissimmee, FL

Kissimmee Utility Authority

April 18, 2013

Hard to tell without a picture...

Please contact your installer or Lumber Liquidators in regards to the issue in the one room. If it was defective flooring than I would believe it would affect other areas too. However you have described that this issue is isolated to one room and your plumber said you have no water leaks? How did he check this? Did he use an advanced water sensor tester in the room with the problem?

The floor adhesive is a big concern and I would believe has merit investigating further with another floor company as a second opinion as to what going on.

How to check if you have a water leak: First find your water meter usually located in the front left or right side of your yard. Open up the meter box lid and find your meter located in the box. How do you know which one is yours? You can check the meters numbers against the meter number listed on your utility bill. Another way is to turn on the water at the nearest hose bib and watch for the meter leak indicator to turn.

What is a leak indicator? It's a little red or black triangle located inside the water meters dial that turns when water is flowing though the meter. If if the water is not being used in the home and the leak indicator is turning, you have a leak.

Another easier method is to compare your water used against the utility bill. If the usage is high you might have a leak. Most adults use 2,000 gallons per month. example: Water usage shows between 5k and 7k averaging every month for the past year. I would guess 3 people live in the home. However if the amount is double you have a leak or the family is very wasteful or you have pool and it has a big leak.

Another thought in regards to water leaks most homes in Florida are built slab on grade. If you have water pooling near the outside of the foundation. That would be a problem too and would merit further investigation as to origin of the water. Hope this helps.

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