We are remodeling our kitchen, and I would like to find recycled teak cabinets. Can you help?

Asked by Grace Love
San Clemente, CA

We are located in San Clemente, CA.


Evan Little

Answered by Evan Little

Newport Beach, CA

Surterre Properties Inc

May 13, 2010

Hi Grace!

Great to see a fellow Orange Countian on here. Rachel Hulan of Path Design is our best resource in Orange County. She's been doing "green" design and watch furniture for longer than any interior designer I know. Her neat, new blog is

There was also a teak furniture guy at Santa Monica's Alt Build Expo last weekend, but his furniture was not recycled. Still worth contacting as he may restore or re-engineer old teak furniture. His company is Pacific Coast Teak.

Lastly, you can contact and or watch new online stores like Redefine Home Store to find what you're looking for.

With those 3 contacts you should be able to find something.

Let me know how it goes!


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