We are having wood floors installed. They are using Aqua Barrier as an underlayment. Is this safe?

Asked by Melissa Phillips
Vancouver, WA

3/4" white oak floor that is pre-engineered.




Charleston, SC

ONYX Construction Group | CHARLESTON®

November 19, 2010

For pre-engineered flooring, Aqua Barrier is a good product to use.

For safety and a more "green building" approach, there is also a LEED-compliant product -- Green Resource Underlayment -- a GREAT product.

  • Make sure that your installer is familiar with the installation of this product, or maybe print out the PDF I linked to above.
  • The product is made from 100% recyclable materials.


For more information:

Read Ian MacLeod's Q&A "I'm concerned about toxic offgassing from OSB subflooring and roofing. Are safer products available?"

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