We are having water pressure issues after repiping the entire house. How do we program the recirculating pump after the repipe?

Asked by Arline Goeschel
Las Vegas, NV

We had great water pressure before our house was repiped; now it's 45 lbs. pressure, according to the plumbers. The repipe company says the regulator went bad and we need a new one. Would it go bad after the repipe? Also, the recirculating pump doesn't seem to be working properly. It takes much more time to get hot water to the taps in the house. Any remedies you can think of?


Bill Bradbury

Answered by Bill Bradbury

Smithfield, UT

Envirocon Home Restoration

March 15, 2010

Most pressure regulators are adjustable, but 45 psi is adequate for the needs of most homes. Regulators often fail when removed from the system and should be replaced during a repipe but remain closed or open, not at 45 psi. I can't comment on your system design without a schematic, but I can say that you need to get a good plumber to review the entire re-pipe. You are probably losing pressure due to insufficient pipe size or a short circuit. Hot water recirculating systems are complicated and you need to call in a specialist that can come to your house and inspect what sounds like a poor installation.

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