The old shed needs a budget makeover, mainly the roof. Can I paint the asphalt shingle roof? What product would you recommend?

Asked by Cathy
Frederick, MD

I just want to make it work for now. I'm thinking paint is most cost effective, but if I replace the roof, what alternatives do I have? Many of the green roofing products are not easily available to homeowners. Shipping cost alone breaks the budget.


David Edwards PhD

Answered by David Edwards PhD

Santa Clara, CA

EarthBound Homes

June 9, 2010

Depending on the size of the shed roof, I think that a white cool-roof coating like Henry's HE687 would do the trick.

It will reflect a large amount of the passive heating that makes sheds so uncomfortable in the summer and will protect the roofing and the materials inside the building. This coating is easily rolled on with a thick-nap roller. It is specified for roll roofing, but should be able to be used with the shingles that you have.

You can also apply a roll roofing, but it will look like hell. Replacing the shingles is cheap, and once you have done it, it is technically easy. All the manufacturers have directions on the inside of the packaging to help you figure it out. It is dangerous work as you can fall off the roof, but you can get a new roof for about $150 per 100 sq. ft. (also called a square) if you do your own work.

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