Should I replace or paint my steel roofing?

Asked by Noel F Davis
North Creek, NY

The current roof is old steel. The interior insulation under the steel is new spray foam. Snow build-up has been a problem; I expect that ice-dams will be less of a problem with the new insulation. Question: should I paint or replace the steel roofing? Cost is an important factor.


Polly Bart

Answered by Polly Bart

Reisterstown, MD

Greenbuilders, Inc.

October 21, 2010

I would suggest you explore getting your old roof coated with a cool roof (high SRI or solar reflectance index) coating.

  • Most good roofers these days are familiar with this, but you may have to call on someone from a nearby city.
  • However, if your roof is in good enough shape to be coated, it's a very affordable solution.

Look up elastomeric (you should look up several companies' websites). For Kynar, try this link:

For more information

Read Susan Wisniewski's Q&A "What's the difference between a green roof and a white roof?"

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