Shipping Containers mixed use development LEED Rating System?

Asked by Elie El Choufani
La Canada Flintridge, CA

I am working on a project to build staff accommodation, offices, break rooms and warehouse from recycled shipping containers in Saudi Arabia. I am looking into obtaining a LEED certification for this development.. Would you be able to advise on which LEED rating system should be used in this case? My research so far has suggested that LEED for homes is mostly used for shipping containers projects as they are low rise, however considering that this project includes offices and other building types, Is LEED for homes still applicable? should I use a mix of rating tools for each of the buildings? Thanks Elie


A mixed use development will fall under the standard LEED rating system. I do not believe the LEED for homes will apply since they are not single family homes and are attached to a commercial use. Also since the project is outside of the USA I'm not sure if this rating system will apply. You can read more on the USGBC website for LEED and also contact USGBC for more information.

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