Rinnai tankless hot water makes sense for large new house in CT? we are building now

Asked by Karin
Old Greenwich, CT

I want to do some energy efficient things and the tankless hot water heaters seem like a good choice. We do have a large house with a lot of bathrooms. In CT


Gregory Caplan

Answered by Gregory Caplan

Jamaica Plain, MA

Green Home Carpentry & Design

November 13, 2013

Hi Karin, I'm Gregory in Boston.. It can make sense yes, but like all efforts for efficiency and sustainability the key element is planning. If you are building now but your plan does not yet include important details such as how hot water will be provided it may mean that some valuable opportunities for integration of strategies have been missed. For instance, in the case of multiple bathrooms and points of water use the layout of piping should be designed along with the hot water heating equipment. You might benefit by back-tracking a little and having a design professional with experience at integrating building elements with mechanical elements review your plans for opportunities that may yet be open. Our forum don't make clear to me how old your inquiry is so please let me know what stage things are at. I may then be able to discuss with you more specifically. All the Best

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