Our neighbor across the street keeps his fireplace burning most of the day. Smoke blows up into our house. How to counter this pollution?

Asked by ann welsh
Carmel, CA

He lives below us and across the street. The wind seems to blow mostly upwards. He is elderly and proudly cuts wood and makes his fires ... there's no way to ask him to stop. We moved there (Carmel) largely for the clean air. Now I feel like we're inhaling a few packs of cigs each day! Hardly notice it anymore. House plants? Or is smoke poison somewhat ameliorated by distance and tendency to rise upwards? Our front windows and doors are mostly kept closed.


Maggie Michel LEED AP

Answered by Maggie Michel LEED AP

Tucson, AZ

Air Fresh Consulting

October 1, 2010

First of all, I highly recommend a BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified audit to door-fan test your home to find out where the leaks and cracks are that are allowing pressure differences to "suck" outdoor air into your home.

  • Even small leaks in a home in the "invisible" places make a big difference.
  • Hopefully the technician will be using an infrared camera to pinpoint the areas of leakage during the door-fan testing.
  • Search GreenHomeGuide to find an energy auditor near you.

The second step is to use a real air-purification system such as the units I have put in homes during wildfires in California. These plug-and-play units will drop the smoke particulate quickly and safely and improve your home air quality.

Step one is as important as step two.

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