Non-toxic, water resistant flooring? For pet rats and a teenager?

Asked by Emma Smith
Littleton, MA

Hello! I am looking for some flooring that resists water (such as urine) and that is very low on toxicity - preferably not giving off any gases as rats and I are prone to respiratory issues. I also don't want their little feet touching toxic chemicals, and then later having them ingest them while cleaning themselves. I would be cleaning the floors with hydrogen peroxide (it is safe to use as mouthwash, on cuts, kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi - a wonderful cleaner), if that helps. I just took a trip to the flooring store and came home with naturcor samples - not sure how safe it is. Any advice would help, thank you!


Take a look at Marmoleum by Forbo Flooring.

It is a natural linoleum floor and is used heavily in the medical industry in examination and operation rooms.

The seams can be heat welded making it a continuous surface.


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